Preciz Ltd with more than 15 years wind energy market experience offers the following services for industrial consumers with high power demand:

Hybrid power plants for off- and on-grid sites

The offered solution is especially relevant for remote sites that have a base load over 4 MW, with high share of electricity cost on the total operational expenses.

-Analyzing the load profile and the existing power plant infrastructure.

-Design of the optimal combination of a hybrid power plant consisting of wind turbines and / or PV power plant eventually a battery energy storage system (BESS) according to the demand of the customer and to his priorities: best cost efficiency or highest possible share of renewable energy.

-Without load management, only via building a hybrid power plant the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) can be reduced usually by at least 10% depending on the site and on the duration of the PPA (even with PPAs lasting from 7 years), 25-40% of the fossil fuel can be saved, meanwhile in peak times 100% renewable energy penetration can be achieved.

-A secure power supply and network stability has the highest priority for us. We use only proven technology that ensures the network stability. Most of our suppliers are from Switzerland and from the EU, all of our suppliers deliver high quality, proven products.

What benefits has a hybrid power plant with PPA for our customers?

-After analyzing the site, we make an offer for a customized PPA.

-Based on our experience for many years we can make a risk assessment of the project, we take the project development risk.

-We have experience in the whole value chain of the wind energy industry (project development, retail of wind turbines, financing, construction, operation of wind turbines) that is why we can realize the projects extremely cost efficient.

-We prove the possibilities to get local subsidies for green electricity production and we share the benefits with our customers.

-Our customers can achieve the shift towards renewable energy on a safe way without having project development risks, additional CAPEX and cost overruns, at a way that the benefits are defined clearly in forward. The solution is a PPA with us backed by our hybrid power plant installed at the customer’s site.

-Why to have a hybrid power plant and to use renewable energy at your site:

  • clear cost benefit, in the same time higher energy supply security;
  • reduced exposure to fuel price volatility;
  • reduced environmental footprint;
  • stronger social license to operate.