About us

Preciz Building and Commercial Ltd was founded in 1991. The main profile of the company was at the beginning the planning and construction of industrial, commercial, and public buildings. Since 2004 the company has been focusing on renewable energy, in particular on the development, planning, construction of wind farms and solar farms.

Preciz Ltd has been always a pioneer company, it realized the first wind turbine in the MW class in Hungary as an own investment, it has been active in the development of hybrid power plants since 2012.

The company is the leading planning and construction company on the Hungarian market in wind farm development. It can show up a track record of 190 MW planned wind farm capacity and the construction works of 87,85 MW wind farm infrastructure as a general contractor.

In October 2019 Preciz Ltd merged with NRG Systems Ltd, after the merger the name Preciz Ltd was kept.

NRG Systems Ltd. has been playing a major role on the Hungarian wind energy market since 2005, it has been active since 2012 worldwide.

Between 2005 and 2013 our company was the exclusive Vestas representative in Hungary, distributing wind turbines of Vestas Wind Systems A/S. and also the not exclusive Vestas representative in the neighboring countries (with the exception of Austria). As the result of our commercial activity, in 2013 Vestas had 31 % market share in Hungary (measured on the installed capacity) and the total installed capacity of Vestas reached 101,875 MW.

As a wind energy market expert, NRG Systems Ltd. has been busy to prepare business plans, economic feasibility studies, due diligences for wind energy projects, to operate wind turbines for more than a decade. Preciz Ltd and NRG Systems Ltd built as general contractor approximately one-third of the wind farm infrastructure in Hungary, positioning our self as a market leader on the Hungarian market.

After the merger as an expert we have experience in the whole spectrum of the wind energy market (project development, distribution of wind turbines, due diligence, financing, construction, operation) and this makes a significant difference between us and other companies on the market.

As an Independent Power Producer (IPP) we offer hybrid power plant solutions (combination of wind-, photovoltaic power plants with battery energy storage system – BESS as an auxiliary power supply to existing power plants) for industrial consumers with high power demand. We offer PPAs for our costumer, so that they can shift to use renewable energy of proven technology, with low risk and high economic efficiency.